Business Studio Pricing

Streamster Business Studio is free to use. You can switch your free individual account to a business at any time and enjoy all the benefits of Business Studio: monitor multiple streams, control them remotely, and preview live videos. However, for each model account that you create in your Business Studio, you can choose a free or paid plan depending on your needs:



Unlike unregistered users, for streamers with Free accounts, all Streamster products are available (including desktop, mobile, and web apps), as well as multi-device usage.

As for the live stream limitations, they stay the same: 1 or 2 sites simultaneously, a maximum bitrate is 4000 Kbps. It allows you to stream to up to 2 cam sites with 720p/1080p and 30 FPS.


$15/month or $0.48/hour

The Lite plan increases the bitrate limit to 7000 Kbps and the maximum number of sites to 4. It allows you to stream to almost any cam site with the maximum allowed quality: 1080p and 30/60FPS. The only exception is Chaturbate which accepts higher video quality. Despite the Lite tariff, is not able to provide you with the possibility of 2K/4K streaming to Chaturbate, you’ll still have the “HD” badge on the platform.

If some cam sites are blocked by your provider, or you need additional privacy, the Lite plan includes the VPN feature.


$30/month or $0.96/hour

The Regular plan has all the benefits provided by the Lite plan, but even higher bitrate limits (10000 Kbps) and more sites to stream to (up to 6). Besides, starting from the Regular plan, Streamster has a transcoding feature. It allows you to have special video quality on different sites if their technical requirements differ considerably. One of the examples of using transcoding in Regular plan for cam models: streaming to Stripchat/Chaturbate/MyFreeCams in HD and 6500 Kbps bitrate, and streaming to in 720p and 2500 Kbps bitrate.


$50/month or $1.56/hour

The plan increases the following limits compared with the previous ones. Bitrate – up to 15000 Kbps, number of sites – up to 8, transcoding – up to 2K/30FPS (original stream) and 1080p/30FPS (transcoded stream). The use case for cam models: streaming to Chaturbate in 2K/15000 Kbps and streaming to Stripchat, BongaCams, MyFreeCams, Cam4, Eplay in 1080p/6500Kbps.


$75/month or $1.92/hour

The plan provides you with the maximum streaming quality (up to 25000 Kbps bitrate), the maximum number of sites to stream to (up to 10), and the maximum transcoding limits (up to 4K/60FPS for the original stream and up to 1080p/60FPS for the transcoded one). The Premium plan allows you to have the maximum possible live stream quality on all cam sites no matter which combination you use.


By paying for multiple model accounts in bulk, you can receive bonuses, that are added to your balance immediately:

$0-99 + 0%
$100-199 + 10%
$200-499 + 20%
$500-1000 + 30%
$1000-4999 + 40%
$5000+ (contact us)
For example, if you add a $150 deposit to your account, we will add an extra 10%. This means you’ll receive $150 + $15, making Streamster services 10% cheaper for you.

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