Using the “Be Right Back” Scene

the “Be Right Back” screen is a valuable tool for cam models, contributing to a more professional and viewer-friendly live streaming experience. It helps manage viewer expectations, ensures privacy, and provides an opportunity for models to reinforce their brand while taking necessary breaks during a live show.

However, please keep in mind that most cam sites have limitations on using the “Be Right Back” scenes, and some of them ban them completely.

What is “Be Right Back” Screen?

A “Be Right Back” (BRB) screen is a graphic or image that content creators, including cam models, use to inform their audience that they are temporarily stepping away from the live broadcast or stream. This screen is typically displayed when the creator needs to take a short break, attend to personal matters, make technical adjustments, or perform any other task that requires them to be off-camera for a brief period.

Creating the BRB Screen and Adding it to the Live Stream

To create your “Be right back” background, you can use video or graphic design services (e.g. Canva). It can be created as a static image, as a GIF animation, or even as a video file.

To add overlays or screens to your live stream, you will need to use streaming software or platforms that allow you to add and customize these elements. When choosing the software, please make sure that it supports creating multiple layers on your video or multiple scenes. Overall, this functionality is basic for the streaming software and all popular applications including OBS, Streamlabs, Wirecast or Streamster support adding overlays.

Cam Sites Prohibition and Limitations

Cam models should be aware of the terms of service and content guidelines of the cam site they are using to ensure that any custom graphics or overlays, including BRB screens, comply with the platform’s policies.

Here are recommendations for using BRB screens for some popular cam sites:


Static screens including BRB are totally forbidden on Stripchat. If the model needs a short break, she can leave the room during the active stream for up to 2 minutes.


MyFreeCams allows using “Be Right Back” or “Stream Starting Soon” scenes for not longer than 5 minutes.


The maximum duration of using “BRB” scene on BongaCams is 15 minutes. “Be Right Back” title should be big enough and be clearly visible to members.

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