latest software updates

Live stream link

Share your live video with anyone you want directly with the Streamster web browser link.

Business Studio released

Totally new solution for cam modeling studios: management, previewing and remote control.

Switching the server

Having network issues during the stream? Now you can switch your account connection to a different Streamster server.

for beginners

If you just started your cam model career, It can be difficult to understand the technical features of live streaming. However, this aspect is extremely important. The correct setup of streaming software is essential for providing a professional and enjoyable experience for viewers, staying competitive in the industry, utilizing technology effectively, ensuring security, and maximizing monetization opportunities.

for experienced models

Even if you are an experienced model and already know how things in the cam business work, you should always stay up to date with the latest trends and technical innovations. Models who invest time in learning and optimizing their streaming setups are more likely to build a successful and sustainable career in the cam industry.

Video Transcoding

Video transcoding is the process of converting a video file from one digital format to another. This conversion…

for studios

Running a cam modeling studio brings with it many challenges. Business success largely depends on the effective monitoring of live streams and the ability to quickly solve technical problems. Software that performs this task is an integral part of the cam business.

Business Studio Pricing

Streamster Business Studio is free to use. You can switch your free individual account to a business at any time and…